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Thursday, 12 March 2015

n00bs CTF Labs Level 3

Welcome back to n00bs CTF Labs you can open up the ctf via this link or go straight to level 3 for this specific post;
Here is my solution to find the flag for level 3.

This is a case where the flag was twice hidden than previous levels.

At first, you are presented with a QR code that needs to be scanned. (If you have no idea what a QR code is, its similar to a barcode just different format of storing data and obviously they look different.) To know more about it, here is a rather good site to visit: - WhatIsAQRCode It is totally about the QR Code in general.

Below is what you will at first when you reach this level/page, no restrictions though. Haha =P.

What I did was download a QR Code reader on my smartphone to have it scanned immediately and see what is the information stored. At this point, I still have no idea that this flag is twice hidden.

As for those who do not have one, well, perhaps google for a website that provides such services or print it out, use a webcam to scan the image via a desktop application or try download/save this image from the actual webpage and then upload the file to the website that does the scanning for you. *Though I have tried and it didnt worked well for me so I went typing out the data from the QR Code instead.*

So, from the QR Code, you should be getting something that looks like:-

For newbies in many aspect from history, security and data representation, it would've looked alot like crap. But thankfully for my knowledge and experience, this is indeed, Morse Code. Yes, it is the old-school ciphertext/'code' used for spying and so on since before World War (I forgot when exactly).

With that, I went on google to search for a website that allows decoding of Morse Codes and I got this site. Having it translated, voila, the answer surfaces - happily in English!

The answer is:-

Flag is Morsing.

Hope this works for you one way or the other; happy cracking =D

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