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Thursday, 12 March 2015

n00bs CTF Labs Level 1

Hey there, so this is a new post on a new blog made because of InfoSec. The link to the challenge homepage is here.

Here goes, there is this sudden activity on CTF from InfoSec Institute I got to know from my email. Since I know a little if not alot about CTFs and have tried other CTFs some time ago, I decided to just give this one a shot.

So here is my solution for the 1st level.

Level 1 - May the source be with you.

Or so the hint have mentioned, the key is the source of the page.

All you would need to do is right-click the page anywhere, and select View Page Source.
This is how it should look like if you're using Google Chrome:-

Clicking that option will then open the html source code of the webpage. If you read from the top instead of the centre first, oh, you'll get the answer alright. ^^

Answer is:-

Flag is welcome. Tada! xD

Hopefully this will raise your interest in moving on to tougher levels and CTFs =P

You could, and I do recommend that you explore the main website further to learn more about InfoSec and what they do from their homepage. ^^ Cheerio!


  1. Everytime I played CTF at every level, I would certainly look at the page source at first. Sometimes it is also important to read the hint from the given text on each level, it is really useful.

  2. Hehe, yup. Every player should do that too. It could be instinctive tho.